Northshore Brisbane, Queensland’s most ambitious riverfront project, is set to revolutionise the city’s urban landscape by creating an innovative, sustainable, and inclusive lifestyle precinct. This landmark project seeks to transform 2.5kms of premium riverfront real estate into a vibrant, connected sub-tropical oasis.

Unfolding along the shores of the iconic ‘Maiwar’, Northshore Brisbane’s master plan proposes a seamless blend of sprawling parklands, bustling commercial and residential zones, dynamic recreation areas, and a thriving hub of creative, cultural and retail experiences spanning over 304-hectares. The precinct is envisioned to be a sanctuary where innovators, entrepreneurs, creators, entertainers, and residents find a home, embodying a powerful harmony between thoughtful urban planning and community well-being.

Recognising the river’s cultural significance to the Traditional Owners, the Turrbal and Yuggera peoples, Northshore Brisbane’s vision is steeped in respect for the water’s sacred connection to the land. Indigenous culture continues to shape the precinct through storytelling, placemaking, custom artwork, and historical initiatives, giving due homage to the area’s original custodians.

Northshore Brisbane seamlessly integrates past, present, and future, repurposing historic materials into the fabric of the community with the use of innovative technology and infrastructure. This commitment reflects Northshore Brisbane’s dedication to paving the way for a greener, cleaner, and more forward-thinking future.

Northshore Brisbane aims to blend design with functionality, creating a balance between commercial vibrancy and residential tranquility. Rising as a champion of sustainability, climate responsiveness, and carbon positivity, Northshore Brisbane is committed to cultivating a connected community enveloped by green, uniquely crafted public realms. This vision of sustainable, inclusive living is not confined to its residents but also encourages a thriving commercial ecosystem that nurtures both global giants and savvy start-ups alike, attracting investment and generating opportunities for new clean, high-technology and research-based services and employment.

This transformative, multi-billion dollar redevelopment is poised to establish Northshore Brisbane as a key economic, innovative, entertainment and employment powerhouse. Envisioned as the heart of creativity, leisure, and innovation in Brisbane, Northshore promises one destination with endless possibilities. 

Unveiling Northshore Brisbane’s vision marks a promising step towards diverse and sustainable urban living, in harmony with the community and the environment.

You can explore Northshore Brisbane’s inspiring vision here.