Northshore Brisbane is hammering away attracting more tenants to the precinct, with our newest arrival being the Brisbane Tool Library.  Led by a dedicated team of volunteers, this library is all about sharing and sustainability and has taken up residence in the Dock C Workshops and Maker Spaces precinct.

What is a tool library, you ask? It’s like a book library, but with tools! From power tools to camping gear, they’ve got you covered. Instead of buying expensive tools that you might only need once, you can borrow them from the library and save money while reducing waste. It’s a win-win!

The Brisbane Tool Library is joining our community of innovative and sustainable change makers. By sharing resources and promoting a circular economy, they’re challenging the old ways of consumption and building a stronger, greener future. So, come on over, borrow what you need, and be a part of this exciting movement in Northshore Brisbane.

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