The Wheelhouse is a new cutting-edge co-working space that will support the growth of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Brisbane. Positioned as an innovation hub, this collaborative workspace aims to foster the success of start-up and scale-up businesses by providing affordable rental spaces and a dynamic environment for creativity and collaboration. The project will be led by Bridgeman, a Supply Nation certified Indigenous company, who will be constructing the development.

Situated adjacent to the renowned Eat Street Northshore, The Wheelhouse will span an impressive 1,172 square meters across two levels in a warehouse-style building, accommodating up to 170 workers. The facility will boast flexible workspaces, collaborative meeting rooms, event spaces, and a café, offering a versatile and inspiring setting for professionals.

Beyond providing physical spaces, The Wheelhouse aspires to cultivate a thriving community of entrepreneurs, innovators, and creatives. The goal is to facilitate the exchange of ideas, networking opportunities, and access to mentoring and support services. In addition to the daily work environment, The Wheelhouse will host various events such as workshops, seminars, pitch nights, and more, showcasing the diverse talent and potential within the local SME sector.

Throughout construction of this project, an estimated 16 full time jobs will be supported, with up to 5 full time jobs to support the ongoing management of The Wheelhouse once operational. This includes 12 First Nations jobs. Their approach for The Wheelhouse would be to offer 100% engagement with local contractors, manufacturers and supply chain for goods, services, materials and equipment. Bridgeman works to pre-qualify capable and reliable First Nations businesses and also encourages non-First Nations businesses to include First Nations businesses in their own supply chain. Bridgeman also supports a number of social initiatives which aim to support training opportunities for First Nations people.

Construction has commenced, with completion expected by late 2024. The co-working space is slated to open its doors for business by mid-2025. This transformative project receives funding from the Queensland Government as part of the $1 billion Northshore Hamilton Priority Development Area (PDA) program. This initiative is geared towards revitalising the former industrial site, transforming it into a vibrant mixed-use precinct.

As The Wheelhouse takes shape, it promises not only to be a physical space for work but a catalyst for innovation and collaboration, contributing to the overall thriving hub of Northshore Brisbane. The Queensland Government’s commitment to this venture underscores the significance of creating a dynamic and supportive ecosystem for SMEs, marking a pivotal step towards a prosperous and vibrant future for the region. Stay tuned for updates as The Wheelhouse becomes a key player in shaping the entrepreneurial landscape of Northshore Brisbane.

Note: images for illustrative purposes only and may not represent final built product.