Superordinary recently launched at Northshore Brisbane, transforming a revamped industrial warehouse (L-Shed) into a multi-arts space, dedicated to showcase a diverse range of arts and visionaries into a vibrant and inspiring exhibition space.

Lincoln Savage, Creative Director has developed this inclusive, thriving space, in celebration of Brisbane’s burgeoning art scene. It is where art and community collide, where artists or curators can bring their unique perspective, showcase their work and collaborate.

“Superordinary is the quintessential multi-arts space. A thriving, active and inclusive multi-art form venue.” said Lincoln.

Superordinary offers a unique 1,700m2 space showcasing galleries, adaptable event spaces, artist hubs, state of the art kitchen and bar, outdoor courtyard, workshops and monthly Supermarkets.

Savage has described the diversity and varied use of space, providing an inclusive and community-centric hub.

“Superordinary offers artists a place to work on their practice, live music, events, as well as the café, bar and kitchen. We also do arts markets and workshops on site, so it’s a very varied use of this building.”

There are many opportunities for artists, offering a place for them to work, showcase their live music and collaborate.

“We also have artist facilitators running workshops, and the arts market, which means that makers and artists can come in and affordably sell their products.”

Superordinary’s Artist-in-Residence Program offers opportunities to create individual studio spaces, through monthly or even yearly lease terms. This brings artists together with a focus on collaboration and provides opportunities to support and work alongside eachother. “The art gallery provides a super low cost, one of the lowest cost galleries in Brisbane.” says Lincoln.

To learn more about Superordinary, their events, venue hire, and Artist in Residence Program, please visit Superordinary.