This year’s Aussie Solar Challenge may have been postponed, but that hasn’t dampened Team Arrow’s drive and endeavour. Team Arrow is in a bid to build its third solar car and has been working with other Australian teams to organise an Australian Solar Challenge for 2022 where the team can test a new vehicle. In the meantime, Team Arrow has lifted one of the original vehicles to new heights as a display for the new Workshop Entrance. Here is a little sneak peek with more to come when it is lit up and complete.

Newly appointed Team Arrow President, Brad Seeley, shared his thoughts about Team Arrow being part of the Northshore Brisbane precinct and Workshops, “the most exciting thing for me is a mix of working on unknown problems with likeminded people and developing local talent pools for design and manufacturing that can be competitive on the world stage. It is an amazing location to be at. The growth at Northshore Brisbane, currently and in the future, is exciting to watch and be a part of. We’re extremely fortunate to be co-located with the Men’s Shed and HSBNE (Hackerspace Brisbane), with interesting projects always going on around us.” You can follow Team Arrow on their Facebook page.