Prohelion, a Northshore Brisbane start-up specialising in high-powered, lightweight mobile battery systems, has entered into an agreement with Tritium to licence their solar racing products, including the IQ Battery Management System (BMS) and WaveSculptor Motor Controller.

Prohelion plans to use the Tritium intellectual property (IP) to manufacture battery management systems and motor controllers under the Prohelion brand and to utilise this technology within its other product lines. Announcing the agreement, Prohelion CEO Anthony Prior said, “Tritium is a respected name in the industry, and we will be leveraging the many years invested by Tritium to produce reliable, robust and high performing solutions. The Tritium BMS is widely used among solar car teams due to its light weight, functionality and supporting software and systems. It is regarded as the first choice when building a solar car battery.” Tritium, a Brisbane[1]based DC fast charging manufacturer for electric vehicles, got its start creating technology for the solar racing community. Northshore is the place innovators call home. If your business is looking to expand, there’s no better place than Northshore Brisbane. If you would like to talk to one of the team about business opportunities at Northshore please email us at [email protected]