Northshore Brisbane is lucky enough to house some of the most innovative businesses in Australia, one of these being Modular Farms. The first modular farming operation, outside of North America, directors James and Prue Pateras are thrilled to be home in Brisbane to manage this Australian first. Housed inside of the Eat Street shipping container village, Modular Farms is able to provide vendors with delicious and fresh local produce, while also showcasing their cutting edge modular urban farm to all who visit Eat Street Northshore. 

Modular Farms is an innovative farming system which adopts the vision of an urban farm and marries it with vertical farming techniques, to create a shipping container farm that is significantly more efficient than other solutions on the market. The modular farming system cuts down on waste and modernises the supply chain by removing the need to transport produce from one side of the country to the other, creating an overall more sustainable and cost-effective operation.

Australia has one of the harshest climates on the planet with extreme temperatures and droughts, through to extensive floods and freezing conditions depending on the season and the region. James Pateras, the director of Modular Farms has been inspired by these harsh conditions, after growing up on a farm in Brisbane himself and witnessing the severity of the droughts during the early 2000s. 

With sustainability, efficiency, and cost effectiveness at the front of their minds, Modular Farms was born out of the desire to create a farming system that can operate anywhere in the world, no matter the climate. 

The systems are built with modular and scalable designs, to ensure that they can be modified depending on each agriculturalists requirements. These purpose-built urban farms are 60% more insulated than other shipping container designs, use 95% less water and can grow up to 80% more food – the equivalent of 1.5 acres of farming, making them a viable solution for solving food shortage problems in other parts of the world. 

Northshore Brisbane is the perfect home for Modular Farms, as they’ve had the opportunity to showcase their farm in operation, supply fresh local produce to the vendors of Eat Street and continue to manufacture the modules which are then distributed to farmers all over Australia. 

Modular Farms is on a mission to connect with local businesses, entrepreneurs, and farmers all over the country to help modernise farming in Australia. If you would like to follow Modular Farms as they continue on their journey towards more sustainable farming, you can find them on Facebook or read more about them here