The Buttery Music School is hitting all the right notes in its new studio at Northshore Brisbane – or as they like to call it, “shipping containers converted into sound-proofed, air-conditioned spaces of creative happiness”.

Like all tales of greatness, this one comes with a humble beginning. Founded by talented percussionist Jaymee Watkin over 8 years ago, the school began with just one drumming student in her spare bedroom. Now, it has grown into a 100-student and 6-teacher strong community that offers 1 on 1 and group lessons in guitar, bass, singing, drums and keys for kids and adults, plus a Rock Band Program and early childhood lessons. Age is no barrier, either, whether you’re 4 years old, or 1000 years old – if you’re older than that, Watkin jokes, you’re too old.

Despite a considerate move from their previous studio in Yeronga, Watkin is optimistic about The Buttery’s future in their new home at Northshore Brisbane.

“I was very alone in my journey to create a musical community from scratch.  I am so thrilled to be moving into a big, thriving space filled with people passionate about arts and community. I am so appreciative to have people eager to collaborate and help us grow!” said Watkin.

The Buttery’s ethos is to foster a warm and inspiring musical community for people from all walks of life – “the misfits, the confused, the adventurous, the scared and the excited” – and not only help them discover the joy of music, but actively provide the mentorship to allow people to live life as a musician.

As a queer woman herself, Watkin strives toward making The Buttery a safe and supportive space for the LGBTQI+ community and says, “we want to accentuate what makes you awesome – and adventure with you down this path of making music with feeling.”

This safe space extends to anybody who may feel they don’t quite fit in the ‘box’. Watkin says “We have many students with learning and behavioural difficulties, and anxiety disorders. We have found that these people find a home in The Buttery, and we are so honoured to provide that space.”

One of their most popular (and innovative) classes is the Rock Band program, where students form a band and participate in a fortnightly jam session with a dedicated mentor. The Buttery team are passionate about nurturing and producing real musicians, and the band program is a great way for students to jam, write songs, rehearse together, gig, and record. It’s a unique musical ecosystem where bandmates can make awesome new friends, learn how to work together and speak their minds as part of a team. It’s a place where self-expression and collaboration play very well together.


Their Little Rockers program is the perfect introduction to music, designed for the pint-sized performers in your family. This course allows them to take a musical journey through trashcan percussion, singing, and even ukulele. Every student has the opportunity to perform at the end-of-year Buttery Concert – a hit with students and parents alike – be prepared to pack the tissues!

Relocating to Northshore Brisbane has allowed The Buttery Music School to integrate themselves within a community and precinct of like-minded creatives and build upon their curriculum and offerings – with some very cool things in the works for the future. Watkin’s mood board for the next couple of years includes a Band Camp program for teens, specialised workshops and social gatherings, and Sip and Strum events – think an upscale version of beer and band practice!

To learn more about The Buttery Music School or to sign up to one of their workshops or classes, please visit