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How do I find out about what’s on at Northshore?

The best way to stay informed of all of the wonderful immersive events happening at Northshore is to follow either of our social pages: Facebook: Instagram:… Read More

What is happening with the Development Scheme at Northshore?

The development scheme is the regulatory document which assists with planning, carrying out, promoting, coordinating and controlling land development within the PDA. The Northshore Hamilton PDA Development Scheme ( 6.58 MB) came into effect on 3 July 2009. Note: Amendments to the Economic Development Act 2012 have changed the interpretation of PDA exempt… Read More

Are there still cruise ships coming to Portside?

Cruise ship activity has paused at Brisbane Cruise Terminal at Portside due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Whilst much cruise activity is expected to relocate to the new Brisbane International Cruise Terminal at Luggage Point, cruises are expected to recommence at Portside in due course. For the latest… Read More