KINDY CAMP (2 – 4yrs) | $25

One off 1-hour workshop

> Tue 11 April: 9:30am – 10:30am

In the Kindy Camp, the little circus stars work with parents/caregivers and trainers to explore all the fun that circus has to offer. This play-based workshop allows children to discover a range of circus equipment while supporting creative development.


FLIPPEROOS CAMP (5 – 7yrs) | $60

One off 3-hour workshop

> Tue 11 April: 11am – 2pm

Flipperoos is a play-based class that allows young children to explore circus skills in a nurturing environment; perfect for those not quite ready for a full-day workshop.


Full Day Workshop (6 – 16yrs) | $160

> Thursday 6 April: 9am – 4pm

> Wednesday 12 April: 9am – 4pm

From juggling to mini tramp, trapeze to tumbling, and much more on the ground and in the air. 15 tricks in one day is all about trying new things and culminates in a short performance.