For Applied Mining Technologies (AMT), innovation isn’t risky business – it’s how they do business. AMT was established in 1996 and provides mining operators with a highly accurate navigation system for underground mining, where GPS and other traditional navigation systems are unfeasible – for them, innovating is how they maintain their market position.

This cutting-edge technology has been embraced by both the Australian and international mining industries. The incorporation of military-grade AMT seam tracking sensors allows the navigation system to intelligently guide the mining process on track and within the resource seam. Beyond just hardware, users are provided with a customisable web interface with 3D positioning of the mining machine, and ongoing support from AMT engineers.

Technical Director, Tyson Zastrow, says “one of the most exciting things about the technology is seeing it enable remote or completely autonomous operation of really large-scale machinery operating underground without operator input, just from the guidance solution that our system provides.”

“The thing that drew us to Northshore was the prospect for the future and the vision for the precinct to become a technology centre that really aligns with where we are as a business and our growth trajectory; having a space with like-minded businesses, focused on innovation.”

AMT has big plans for the future as they expand their offering, creating a new research and development arm of their business, as well as launching a new display space to give potential clients hands-on demonstrations at the Hatch Demonstration Space in Northshore.

Zastrow says their intention is to preserve the “atmosphere of a start-up culture but with the benefits of a long-established and secure business”, and Northshore is the perfect base.

“We’ve really started to grow in terms of staff and our customer base, so it was only natural to move to somewhere like Northshore that can support that expansion.”

Applied Mining Technologies is one to watch as they continue to innovate within this growing industry. To learn more about this amazing business, visit their website and follow them on LinkedIn.